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Advanced Data Integration

Ability to interface with a diverse set of customer provided data sources, leveraging a vast array of content types such as documents, videos, audio files, images, and Power BI dashboards to deliver comprehensive and reliable results.

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A concise AI-powered summary can be  generated for each result, offering users a valuable overview into the retrieved content.

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Image results based on Intelligent AI scanning of the images contents that match the specified search criteria.

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Interactive Video and Audio Analysis

Enhanced video and audio analysis by pinpointing the exact moments in a video or audio file where the search text occurs. Users can effortlessly navigate to these specific points, saving time and effort. Additionally, MyContentScout enables users to generate summaries and quizzes based on the content, streamlining knowledge acquisition and retention.

Intuitive Search

Intuitive Search Functionality

The user-friendly interface allows users to ask questions using natural language. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, MyContentScout intelligently delivers accurate and efficient search results, enabling users to find the information they need quickly and easily.

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Categorised Results

Automatic categorisation of search results based on content type, whether it's a video, image, document, audio file, or dashboard. This categorisation enables users to quickly navigate and focus on the specific type of information they need, enhancing productivity and saving valuable time.

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Enhanced Document Analysis

Upon receiving documents as search results, MyContentScout goes beyond simply highlighting the search text within the document. It also provides additional functionalities such as document summarisation and quiz generation. This empowers users to effortlessly extract crucial information, generate concise summaries, and create valuable validation checks of their understanding.

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Power BI Dashboard Integration

MyContentScout seamlessly integrates with Power BI dashboards, enabling users to search for specific terms within these interactive data visualisations. By retrieving relevant dashboards containing the search text, MyContent Scout empowers users to explore and analyse data-driven insights effortlessly.

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